Personalization Fields

As of version 2.1.14, you can use the following personalization fields in a product’s notification emails, in the redirect URL field under the Order Confirmation tab, and in the URL field for GET webhooks.

  • {customer_firstname}
  • {customer_lastname}
  • {customer_name}
  • {customer_email}
  • {customer_phone}
  • {order_id}
  • {order_list} – lists products purchased (main product and bump if present) on separate lines
  • {order_inline_list} – comma-separatd list of purchased products on one line
  • {order_amount} – total amount spent
  • {product_amount} – cost of the main product only

For versions prior to 2.1.14, the available fields are:

  • {fname}
  • {lname}
  • {name}
  • {email}
  • {phone}
  • {order_id}

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