How to set-up PayPal

Studiocart has the option to allow your users to pay securely with PayPal. This guide will show you how to enable PayPal and how to get your PayPal Client ID, Secret Key and Sandbox details.

How to set-up PayPal:

To get started, Find Studiocart in your WordPress Dashboard menu. Select Settings and toggle to the Payment Methods window.

Then, scroll down to the PayPal settings. As you can see you will need the following information from your PayPal account.

  • Client ID
  • Secret
  • Sandbox Email
  • Sandbox Client ID
  • Sandbox Secret

If you don’t have this information, keep reading to learn how to get your PayPal Client ID, Secret Key, and Sandbox details.

If you do have this information, scroll to the bottom and follow the last step.

How to get PayPal Client ID, Secret Key, and Sandbox details:

To get started, visit the following website and log into your PayPal Dashboard.  

Then, in the Dashboard menu under Sandbox select, Accounts and create a Sandbox Business Account. This will give you the ability to make test payments. 

Next, create a PayPal app. To do this, select My Apps and Credentials in the Dashboard menu.

Then, select Create App and give your app a name. Choose the sandbox account you created in the step before and select, Create App once more. 

You should now see the My First App window and your Client ID. Below this, you will see Secret and an option to select show. Copy and paste both your Client ID and Secret into your Studiocart Settings.

Now you need to find your Sandbox details. Select My Apps & Credentials in the Dashboard menu, once more. Then, select Sandbox and click on the app name you created earlier. Copy and paste the Sandbox Email, Sandbox Client ID and Sandbox Secret into the Studiocart Settings. 

After copying over all of the details into the Studiocart Settings, make sure the Enable setting is toggled on and select, Save Settings.